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     Arro-Mark® Company L.L.C., a family owned and operated company based in Englewood, New Jersey, is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial marking pens and devices. We offer a wide variety of high quality and competitively priced valve-controlled permanent ink and paint markers, laundry and textile markers, removable ink markers, and metal bottle markers. We will custom manufacture to your specification, ink or paint in various marking pen sizes.


     Arro-Mark®'s employee-combined experience in marking pen development, manufacturing and quality control spans more than 300 years. We understand your need for quality products, reliable service, and fast delivery. Whatever your marking pen requirements, or if you're looking for a special color or application, we have the products and expertise that will meet your high standards. Place a trial order with us or request samples of our quality products today.


 Our company is the world leader in manufacturing of high purity inks and paints which meet specifications for Pratt & Whitney [PWA 36700 F], GE [D50TF8-S7], WEC [APP-GW-Z0-602 r3], Rolls-Royce [EMS 56752 D], CMF56, and various aerospace/nuclear plant specs. As well as a supplier in automotive manufacturing specs.


Arro-Mark® Company LLC is a

woman owned company


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