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Private Branded Markers

Arro-Mark® offers private labeling opportunities for all of their products. Our private labelling is treated with the same level of care and quality that we offer our own products.
Send us your company branding for us to make labels or boxes for you, or design your label yourself. If you wish to design your own labels or boxes, we will provide the dielines/templates for your design.
Private branding solutions include:
• Marker Labels
• Custom Boxes
• Custom Blister Cards
• Custom Display Banners

Instructions for ordering a private label or box:

Markers can be filled with any liquid the customer desires. A customer can go about ordering a custom label for our pens in two ways:

1. We can send a die-line template to the customer for them to use in creating their own design. We suggest keeping the color count low to keep the cost low.

2.The customer can send their logo and any other branding material/instructions to us and we will provide a design. We will send the designs to the clients for approval before moving forward with printing.

5000 minimum order per label print. There is also a plate charge: Each color equals 1 plate and each plate costs 35 dollars. Our minimum order for private-labeled goods is 5000 pens. Colors can be mixed. Any leftover labels are stored here for future orders.

Note: We suggest including a note on the label saying "Cap Indicates Color". This will help avoid having to purchase separate labels for each color offered.
Private Branded MarkerPrivate Branded Box
Contact us to discuss your specific marking needs.
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