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Answers to commonly asked questions may be found here. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

To Place an Order

Call us toll free at 1-888-440-2776 (ARRO)
In New Jersey, call (201) 567-4112
Fax your order to (201) 567-1373
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Contact us via Snail Mail

Arro-Mark Company, L.L.C.
158 West Forest Avenue
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Email Changes

If you have any old catalogs, literature, or business cards featuring any of our old email addresses, please be aware that we have updated our email system September 2017. Please send all email communications to

To Request a Sample or a Printed Catalog

You may contact us directly via phone, fax or e-mail us at In your email please be sure to indicate your Name, Company, Address, Phone number, type of Sample with Model # and color and any other information you wish to include.  

Specialty Colors or Formulas

Arro-Mark® makes all its own inks and paints. We are in the practice of making custom color variations and new ink / paint formulations for specific application needs. Try us, we can make it for you.

Ordering Markers Blister Carded

Any Arro-Mark® marker can be ordered individually blister carded. Item # Color Code + C

Ordering Specialty Marker Nibs

Arro-Mark® offers a great variety of nibs for specialty applications in varying shape, size, material, flow velocity, and temperature tolerance. We will work with you to create the pen your specialized application calls for.

4oz, 6oz, and 1gal Containers

Available where specified

What does "Valve Controlled" Mean?

When you see this seal, the referred markers use Arro-Mark® Company L.L.C.’s patented valve-controlled mechanism. This is how the nib is exposed to the paint inside the barrel. By applying pressure to the tip so that it recedes inside the marker, the valve opens and saturates the nib with paint or ink. When you let go of the pressure, the valve closes. After the initial inking process, the pressure to the nib created from normal writing use will, in most cases, sufficiently supply the nib with paint. When the marker is not in use, the paint contained inside the barrel is completely sealed. As opposed to capillary action pens, valve-controlled markers can be stored in any orientation without drying out. Our valve-controlled technology allows the user ultimate control over how much paint or ink can fill the nib.

California Proposition 65

Labeling requirements vary per state and country. California’s recent amendment to their Prop. 65 requires us to display a warning if a product contains chemicals recognized by the State of California to pose risks of cancer or developmental harm. On our product labels, SDS sheets, website pages, and in the product descriptions of our catalog, we display all required warnings according to California Prop. 65.

All our Markers are GHS Compliant

All our labeling is carefully written with OSHA's Globally Harmonized Standards in mind. Although our products are a liquid mixture in a contained marking pen form, we may display warnings and pictograms that were originally meant for the individual chemicals used to create the markers. Pigments such as Carbon Black, Titanium Dioxide, etc. are listed as carcinogenic or otherwise harmful due to their risks of inhalation in their powdered form. Our markers do not pose the same health risks as the individual chemicals when they come from their respective manufacturers. We list all pictograms and warnings in our SDS sheets and Labels that come from the chemical manufacturers, nonetheless.

Software Required to View our Printable Documents

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader which is required to view all our printable files.

Software Required to View our Website

​Internet Explorer and older counterparts are no longer supported by Microsoft. Our website uses technology that was released after the last release of Internet Explorer in 2016. Click here to find an internet browser suitable for contemporary web browsing.

To Locate Correct Model Numbers

Model numbers are specified on the product page and catalog page of each respective product.  Please note that for items yet to be added to our system, the model number "00000" will be listed. Please contact us for additional assistance or if you have any questions.

What does it mean if recommended to de-gas a marker before use?

If you are in need of Additional Help

If your have any questions about our products or require additional assistance, please contact us toll free at 1-888-440-2776 (ARRO) or email us at

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