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Touch Up Marking Pens

We occasionally receive requests to make touch-up marking pens to match manufacturers' specifications. All architectural metals get scratched in the process of construction and assembly. We take orders to perfectly match all metals, and plastic materials with both opaque colors for metals or plastics and dye based transparent colors for wood. No primer is needed!

The process of applying window tint on both buildings and automobiles requires a touchup pen specifically made to replicate the glossiness and translucent shade of window tinting film.

Film Opaquer IM-101
Mighty Marker® Blackout Pen Fine Line IM-101
Film Opaquer IM-102
Mighty Marker® Blackout Pen Medium IM-102

Here are a few examples of pens we manufacture for touching up metal store front trimming. These markers perfectly match manufacturers' aluminum store fronts and door frames. We can custom manufacture any color of any paint or ink in any size pen.

We also make touch up pens for wood. These pens are usually paired with filler crayons to perfectly match the specific wood used by the manufacturers.

Are touch-up markers a marking need of your company? Call us today to discuss! If you send us a sample of your material to match will make samples for you!

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