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Who uses bleed thru markers? Why do they use them? How do they work?

Industrial application of Bleed Thru Markers

Do you want to lay down a mark and then paint over it but that mark needs to stay visible and readable? Bleed Thru Ink makes it possible. These pens are made with high density dyes and they are soluble with the primers. The beauty of it is that you will see the mark instantly after it is marked over.

Metal Fabricators

Metal fabricators mark bare metal, then they spray it with red oxide or grey oxide primer, and the marks bleed through. The marks remain just as visible as they were before they were painted over. This process saves time and money for the kind of jobs where the laborers would have had to mark the metal again after the primer was applied. Many times, these marks are used on structural pieces where they can be concealed from everyday onlookers. The marks can be put in a building away from view without needing to be covered up. Steel beam marking make heavy use of these markers for instance.

IM-13 Bleed-Thru Ink Marker for Oil Based Primer
IM-14 Bleed-Thru Ink Marker for Oil Based Primer - Jumbo
IM-15 Bleed Thru Ink Marker for Oil Based Primer - Super Jumbo
We also make water-based bleed thru pens made to bleed through water-based acrylic latex paints.
IM-63 Bleed Thru Ink Marker for Water-Based or Latex Primers - Comes in Violet Only

So, what if I need to seal the mark and paint over it without Bleed-Thru?

Our xylene based bleed thru markers are made to bleed thru oil-based based primers. They will not, however, bleed through water-based or wax based primers. If you need to seal the mark of these markers to stop bleed through, you need to use a water-based or wax based primer. Conversely if you want to seal the mark of our water based bleed-through marker, you will have to use an oil-based primer to seal the mark before any other kind of marking is made.

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