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Welders use a lot of marking pens and have a great variety of marking needs. For permanent marking of metal, our permanent paint markers such as Mighty Marker® PM-16 suit the job well.

For surfaces like exotic metals, we provide Mighty Marker® High Purity which are laboratory certified, low halogen, low chloride, and are certified to meet various industry specific specs.

Arro-mark® provides a welders’ pencil that takes high heat and is water-removable. Pipe fitters and welders to make marks, as per Navy requirements, on areas where they weld, use them. This is the only product the Navy has ever found that can withstand the high heat of welding and can be removable with water on steel and metal.

We also provide silver welding pencils for welding layout. These high quality pencils do not break or rub off easily.

Surfaces Marked Upon for This Industry
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