Markers Used by the

Steel Fabrication and Milling Suppliers


Bleed Thru

The steel fabrication industry makes use of Bleed Thru Ink Markers in their parts identification and assembly systems. Arro-mark® manufactures pens formulated to bleed through and remain visible after oil based primers have been laid over top of them or after water-based primers laid over top of them. We also provide a blue crayon made for effective bleed through as well.


If you are sending your steel out to be galvanized, you can only use a marker that is approved by the galvanizing industry to be completely removable down to the bare-metal during the galvanizing bath or preparation process. Arro-Mark®’s Mighty Marker® alcohol-based galvanizer removable markers and the Flomaster® water-based galvanizer removable markers are both formulated, tested, and approved by galvanizers for this purpose.

General Marking

Metal marking is our specialty at Arro-Mark®. For general marking needs, companies have made good use of our Mighty Marker® PM-23, PM-16 for effective and permanent application.

Surfaces Marked Upon for This Industry
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