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What are crayon markers? What kinds do we sell?

What kinds of paint crayons are there? What is the solvent content of solidified paint markers?

The term "Crayon Marker" is slightly misleading. Let's talk about the kind of solidified markers that we sell

Sakura Solid Marker Original - A high quality solidified paint marker

Solidified Paint Markers

Solidified Paint Markers such as Sakura Solid Markers are liquid paint with all the solvents squeezed out by a heated curing process. The finished product has no solvent content since the solvent has been evaporated completely in the curing process. These are excellent for marking all surfaces permanently. Solid markers are not, however, crayons.

Wax Crayons and Lumber Crayons

Technically speaking, a crayon contains a lot of clay and extenders and so don't leave much room for pigments as much as solidified paint. Removable wax crayons and lumber crayons fall in this category. In order to retain durability to the mark, they work best on concrete and raw lumber.

China Markers

Products such as Sharpie Peel Off Pencils, Mitsubishi® Dermatograph, and Mistubushi® Rainbow are China Markers. These are wax based pencils that have a similar make up to traditional crayons but they are thinner and are encased in a peel-off, paper-wrapped pencil.

Mistubishi® Dermatograph are oil-based and some of the highest quality china markers you can get.
Mitsubishi® Rainbow is a high quality water-based removable china markers.
The Sharpie Peel-Off China Marker is another popular one that we sell.
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