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Automotive Manufacturers need any part they mark to be completely and easily cleanable as they receive it, send it through their factory, assemble, and ship out.  Arro-mark® manufactures and supplies both alcohol-based and water-based markers formulated to be completely removable with just water or detergents. The Capillary Controlled Flomaster® Removable and Flomaster® NF (Non-Flammable) meet the specific efficacy and cost requirements of auto-manufacturers. When a valve-controlled marker suits the job, the Mighty Marker® Water Removable and Mighty Marker® Water Removable NF are recommended as well. Detergent removable markers include Mighty Marker® Detergent Removable MM-009 and MM-57.

For incoming steel parts where permanent marking is needed, paint markers like Mighty Marker® PM-16 are recommended.

For metals going through high heat treatment, Mighty Marker® High Temp PM-19HT is recommended.

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