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The graphic arts industry is increasingly turning to digital from the manual processes of the past and so their usage of pens like the Film Opaquer, Image Additioner Pens, Image Remover pens, Electrostatic Pens, Electrostatic Remover Pens, Silver Master Image Remover Pens, and Silver Master Additioner Pens are not what they used to be. Arro-mark®’s long history with the graphic arts industry maintains the occasional request for pens like these as well as pens suitable for offset plate cataloging, maintaining, and processing. Arro-Mark® has a long history of providing pens excellent for pre-press applications that provide printers, lithographers, and typesetters a greater range of flexibility and a finer degree of craftsmanship.

Valve controlled Ink markers such as our arroMarker® IM-27 and IM-17 are made to extensive usage on coated and uncoated paper surfaces when the need for manual grid layout or illustration is present.

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