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Permanent Marking on Automobile Surfaces

For permanent marking of automobile surfaces such as Engines, Brake Calipers, Tires, Etc., We make markers perfect for the job.

Markers for Engines

Our Mighty Marker Racing Paint Markers are perfect for permanently marking all automobile surfaces. It is a xylene-based permanent paint that will stand the elements and the test of time.

Mighty Marker® Racing Paint PM-64 Fine Line

Waterproof Tire Markers

The xylene-based Mighty Marker® Racing Paint will permanently mark tires. It is highly visible, waterproof, lightfast, fade-resistant, Abrasion resistant, tamperproof, and long lasting in all conditions.

Mighty Marker® Racing Paint PM-61

Brake Caliper Markers

Arro-Mark® Company has made brake Caliper Markers in the past. They have been discontinued.

Safely Removable Auto-Body and Glass Markers

I know these aren't permanent markers thought they were worth mentioning because they are so good.

Click here to read about our excellent Flomaster® Auto-Body and Glass markers. They withstand all weather conditions and are completely removed with Windex® with no ghosting whatsoever!

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