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How can I find an industrial marker supplier near me?

We have distributors nationwide, and in some cases, world-wide.

Very rarely do we sell to end users. If you are an end user and inquire about our marking pens, we are likely to refer you to a distributor and/or a salesman may reach out to form a relationship. All we will need is your location, company, and contact info.

Are you an end user and are you looking to buy our pens online?

Our entire product line is available through every location of:

MSC® Industrial Supply Co.

We are established in all the above companies systems. They give us regular orders to replenish their stock.

These guys can order and stock any pen product from our product line if you request it of them.

If you need help buying our pens, Give us a call at 1-888-440-2776. You can also an email to customerservice@arromark.com. We will help you find the right product and right distributor for you.

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