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Pens for Marking Upon


With marking any porous surface, such as wood, you have to make a choice whether you want the mark to sit on-top of the surface (which is what paint will do) or have it completely penetrate the surface (Which is what Ink will do). You risk ink spreading on low quality woods such as plywood but the ink will become a part of the wood. If paint is used, the mark can be sanded off if when it is unwanted. There really isn't "wipe-off" non-permanent solution for porous surfaces such as wood that won't put the surface of the wood at risk of damage. If sanding is no issue, then a paint mark might be ideal and will not penetrate the wood as much as ink.

Lumber Yards are constantly marking wood for quality control and batch identification.

Furniture touch up is an area we have supplied for. We have filled and supplied marking pen pairs of a filler crayon and wood stain like in the past but they aren't a big item for us. Give us a call to discuss if this is a need you have.

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