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What kind of water-based markers exist and why would I want to use them?

We have water based marker that are completely non-hazardous and can be shipped anywhere. We have carefully formulated each our our water-based pens to get the best visible and durable mark possible. This article talks about the variety of water based marking pens we sell.

The varieties of water-based markers we sell.

Among our large product offering we make water-based markers that are completely non-hazardous and can be shipped anywhere. They will create a good mark especially when the strengths of an alcohol-based or xylene based pen is overkill. There is no comparison especially if you want to leave the marked surface outside for extended periods of time. Nevertheless, we have carefully formulated each our our water-based pens to get the best visible and durable mark possible. For best adhesion, we recommend preparing the surface before being marked with a water-based marker. You have to make sure your surface is clean and, even better, sanded or buffed before marking. Then and only then, and if the colors are good, the mark will last outdoors. This is where we have had so much success with creating water-based markers for already clean and smooth Auto Body and Glass.

A water-based paint is made of pigment suspended in Acrylic Polymer or Latex.

Auto Body and Glass Markers.

These pens use a water-based paint made to safely mark painted auto body surfaces and glass. The mark is durable for 6 months in extreme weather conditions and sunlight. If the mark needs to be removed, the use of Windex® with ammonia will take the mark off and leave no ghosting whatsoever. These markers are popular with the auto body shops, auto insurance collision inspectors, auto auction houses, used car lots, and glass store-front decorators.

Flomaster® Auto Body and Glass Marker FM-43 with Grip
Flomaster® Auto Body and Glass Marker FM-54 Flat Chisel
Flomaster® Auto Body and Glass Marker FM-41 Shorty
Flomaster® Auto Body and Glass Marker FM-46 Super Jumbo
Flomaster® Fluorescent Auto Body and Glass Marker FM-35 Bullet

Water-Based Galvanizer Removable Markers

Check with who you are sending your steel to to be galvanized. Their specifications rule above all. We work closely with galvanizers and have studied their processes. There is an immediate need for both an alcohol based galvanizer removable marker and water-based as well. We manufacture and supply both. Using a removable marker that your galvanizer approves of will save money and grief when it comes down to getting your metals galvanized. If the metal is marked with the wrong marker, you would have to grind it off before or even at the galvanizing facility. Its a pain in the ass and expensive to send an unprepared piece to a galvanizer.

Flomaster® Water-Based Galvanizer Removable PM-66 with Grip

Water-Based Bleed-Thru Ink.

While the majority of our Bleed Thru Ink Line is made to bleed through oil-based primers, we have a water-based bleed thru ink pen that is meant to bleed through water-based or acrylic/latex primers. The best color for this purpose we have found is violet and so our IM-63 Ink marker comes only in violet.

Bleed Thru Ink Marker for Water-based/Acrylic/Latex Primers IM-63 with Grip

Water based permanent metal marker.

If you need a completely non-hazardous, un-controlled, safe-to-use, high-performance paint marker that can be shipped anywhere... We have a marker for you. The Flomaster® FM-74 is a water based permanent marker that is completely odorless, solvent resistant, fast drying, has low VOC content, and makes long lasting permanent marks.

Flomaster Water-Based Permanent Metal Marker FM-74 with Grip

Water Based UV Ink

Our Water-based UV Security ink is invisible except under blacklight. Hotels use this marker to check if surfaces are cleaned regularly. The mark is long lasting and can be a good back up for key codes, passwords, part identification and a quality control solution.

UV Security Invisible Ink Marker MM-77

Textile Scour Out

The textiles industry uses a pen whos marks disappear completely in a scouring bath. It's a very simple ink to make simple marks, although, it's an old fashioned product for an industry that has largely moved overseas. The mark won't brush off or "Set" like chalk and cant get lost like clipped on tags. We supply these pens under the name of Textile Scour Out

Textile Scour Out IM-03

Cealex® Canvas Markers

The Cealex Canvas marker is the pen you want if you want to personalize your canvas shoes, bags, totes, and clothing. We sell these pens in several sizes.

Cealex® Canvas Marker Extra Fine CL-62
Cealex® Canvas Marker Medium Bullet CV-39
Cealex® Canvas Marker Large Chisel CV-59
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