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Pens for Marking Upon

Rusted Surfaces

Arro-Mark Company offers solutions to the problems that come with marking on rusted materials such as

  • Dust
  • Unstable surface

The Permall® Marker makes use of the combination of a hard nib and a high performance xylene based ink. The hard nib keeps the dust out while the xylene ink penetrates the unstable surface of the rust. When drying, a homogenous film is formed over the rust which holds it together.

For a permanent and visible mark that will create a permanent mark on the surface of the rust, we recommend any of our Mighty Marker® Xylene Based Paint Markers. The mark dries instantly and creates a protective film that strengthens the unstable surface of the rust.

For this purpose we also recommend the Sakura® Solid Markers since they perform exceptionally well in this area. The solidified paint has no nibs and can mark permanently and visibly on virtually any surface. You can use it anywhere even under water. Marks last indefinitely.

Raw materials like steel ingots, whether stored indoors or outdoors, will rust. These need to be marked too.
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