Xylene Paint Markers

What properties do xylene paint markers have that make them exceptional performers for indoor and outdoor use?


Lightfastness is our most important criteria since xylene enables the use of the colorants that enable durable light fastness good solubility.

It marks over water, under water, and on oily surfaces

As opposed to older fashioned formulas that use alkyd solutions, the result of consistant innovation has enabled new methods of laying down a homogenous paint layer and film that can mark over water, under water, and on oily surfaces.

What properties do Mighty Marker paint markers have that make them the most effective use for your money?

Generations of innovation

Back in 1964, George Pappageorge introduced valve controlled paint markers to the industrial market. Since then, the Pappageorge family has have been designing, perfecting, valve patented valve mechanisms to deliver paint when needed and seal the barrel when not in use. A huge number of nibs have been used for different purposes with different temperature tolerances, flow velocities, hardnesses, and materials. We cant make a different nib for everyone. so it is our job to make the most versatile and effective general use paint markers.

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