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What are some things to be aware of when choosing a glow in the dark marker? Do we sell glow in the dark markers?

Let's take a look at Fluorescence and Phosphorescence when it comes to paint and ink markers.

We have tried all the glow-in-the-dark markers on the domestic industrial market. Here is what we have found.

Glow in the dark markers come in two types: Phosphorescent and Fluorescent.

If you are looking for a true glow in the dark mark, unfortunately there is a catch to either methodologies. They each require specific conditions in order to glow in the dark. Nevertheless, these may work for you if you can provide the condition's necessary.

Sakura Glow in the Dark Solid Markers use Phosphorescent Pigments.

Phosphorescent Markers

Products such as the Sakura® Glow in the Dark Solid Marker make use of a phosphorescent pigmentation. Like all phosphorescent materials, they need to be regularly exposed to UV light, likely from the sun, in order to retain their luminescence in the dark. After a while of not being exposed to sunlight, the glow will wear off. This is why the application of marking with glow in the dark markers in deep warehouses or storage facilities are problematic. They are always dark.

Even after regular exposure to direct sunlight, the marks made with Phosphorescent paint will lose their phosphorescence over time. The industrial application of this kind of product with the materials available are very limited and unreliable. Arro-mark® recognizes this and chooses not to market or produce such a low quality product to our industrial customer base.

When paints or inks Glow under a blacklight, they are fluorescent. Fluorescent pigments or dyes can be added to make paints/inks extra visible in sunlight.

Fluorescent Markers

Fluorescent Markers such as our fluorescent alcohol-based paint markers and fluorescent water-based paint markers glow in the dark because of their ability to reflect the ultraviolet or UV light. Lamps that exclusively emit UV light, otherwise known as black-lights, do not emit light that are visible to the human eye. This is because it is outside the spectrum of visible light. However, if a material has a color or pigmentation with the ability to reflect UV light, the process of reflection bends the frequency of the light reflected to partially show up in the visible range of light frequency. This usually takes on the appearance of a faint blue.

Marking applications for fluorescent markers have come in the form of security marking. For instance, if you need to remember a combination or code, you can write it next to your lock in an invisible ink. If you come back with a black light, you will be able to see it. These lights are inexpensive and come small enough to be carried on a keychain powered by a small battery. Other fluorescent paints are used for signage, as visible as you can get, such as the caution tape you see police use, fire-trucks, and the old Day-glo® paints. Anywhere something really needs to be seen, especially for safety purposes, a fluorescent pigmentation can be used.

We are able to create a fluorescent paint for any of our paint pens. Upon request, we have made fluorescent alcohol-based, water-based, and xylene based markers. Every one of our fluorescent colors will shine under blacklight. This includes PM-15 Fluorescent colors, Auto-body and Glass fluorescent colors, and so on.

The UV Security Marker MM-77 is a Fluorescent marker invisible unless under blacklight.
Heres what you see when you shine the MM-77 mark under a blacklight.

A little More about our UV Security® Markers

We have two formulas that we currently manufacture: A water-based and an alcohol-based formula each made to be removable or permanent as necessary. We can also make a xylene-based permanent fluorescent paint or ink made for metals if you wanted to.

Water-Based Ultra Violet Paint

Water-based is used mostly on textiles. They are also used on housekeeping industry toilet seats to see if they have cleaned them.

Alcohol-based Ultra Violet Paint

Alcohol is permanent on non-porous surfaces anywhere they would want to go back and see the mark.

Adding UV to an existing Paint

We can take a color (say a blue or red) and we we can put the uv base in the color. We can make it glow in the dark under black light and not without. We can add this to any pen especially alcohol since when using alcohol we get better solubility than water.

More variety and better performance than the competition. As opposed to competing UV marker manufacturers, we demonstrate a wide use of uv capabilities for both inks and paints.
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