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Why do we use felt tip markers?

What are the variety of nibs that we use for each? Nibs for Inks? Nibs for Paints? Temperature tolerances? Flow Velocity?

The characteristics of Felt Nibs for valve-action markers.

We take great care in choosing the right nib for each marker. Our Patented valve controlled assembly allows for the nib to be removed, reversed, replaced, and for a variety of nibs for each type. Contact us to discuss your specific marking needs and we will

Felt-Tip pens are easy to use.

They work on any non-porous surface at any angle and write in any direction. When paired with our patented valve controlled mechanism, the mark-maker has the ultimate control over how much ink-or paint is laid down with each mark.

They come in a big variety of shapes and styles:

What if I need a marker with more than one tip? We have you covered since some of our pens have a dual Chisel and Bullet nib. Many of our pens such as the PM-16 and PM15 having 3 and sometimes more tips to chose from. We also sell replaceable nibs by special request in bags of 100, and 500. All nibs we use in our valve controlled pens can be pulled out and are replaceable. In some cases the nibs are dual sided with either a dual bullet, dual chisel, or dual bullet and chisel. Once one end gets worn out, it can be reversed so that the un-worn tip can be used.

Felt nibs come in a great variety of materials and densities.

It is our job to test nibs from various manufacturers to work perfectly with each of our pens. We have generations of expertise in pairing our formulas perfectly to each nib. We pay acute attention to viscosity, flow velocity, and we tweak each pen for optimal writability, efficiency, and mark "Lay down". Some customers have specific specifications for how "juicy" they like their mark. We accommodate any request for alterations in how the pens act when used.

Nibs for inks need to be more dense and tightly knit. Nibs for paint are looser and need to flow a lot better. Some nibs are used for their slightly more durable temperature tolerances. You can rely on us to make the best choice of writing nib for each marker formulation.

Other Nib Styles we use

Nylon nibs

For creating a fine line with paint, the best mark is made with a nylon nib. These nibs are ultra high quality and are specifically imported from japan. The mark is deposited through a hole going down the center of the nib.

Mighty Marker® PM-24 is a permanent xylene-based paint marker. The nylon nib technology used is un-rivaled in quality and it's ability to make a clean fine writing mark. Highly recommended!

Metal nibs: Ball Point

Our patented ball point mechanism is designed for the most rigorous metal marking environments. Fully encased in aluminum metal, the steel ball is firmly secured to the tip of the marker by a strong steel spring. The marker is completely sealed at all times except in the act of writing.

Mighty Marker® MM-66 is a Xylene Based Permanent Paint Marker. The Pump Mechanism and rolling ball point tip deposit a thick bead of paint for one of the most durable marks you can make without additional treatment. Hold upright while writing!
Our Ball Point Bottle Marker also uses a ball point tip. Alcohol-Based Paint.

Metal Nibs: Rod Mechanism

Our Squeezee pens utilize a valve-controlled rod mechanism. Similar to the steel ball depressing a spring, the rod is sealed at all times except in the act of writing or marking.

Our Flomaster® Squeezee Pen uses a rod mechanism along with squeeze action to deposit a thick durable paint mark
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