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What kind of sharpie products do we sell to our industrial clientelle?

There's clearly a demand for Sharpie®. They are inexpensive, they're in every stationary and convenience store, they have earned a household recognized name.

It's not because they're any good or last a long time. They used to be good. Their inks used to be really good but their adherence to regulations destroyed them. They have made a disposable product that declines greatly after the first few uses and so they need to be thrown out and ordered over and over again.

We are an active distributor to industrial customers. We specialize in the most popular Sharpie Pens from their industrial product line such as Magnum, King size, and the regular sharpies as well. Its what they want and we are a good supplier for them.

Sharpie® Magnum® - sold 12 per box
Sharpie® King Size - sold 12 per box
We also sell the regular Sharpie Fine Point in large quantities: it's a best seller. We offer an excellent deal selling Black, Red, and Blue in boxes of 36 instead of 12 per box like all the other colors. Ask for a quote.
Sharpie® Fine Point Red - sold 36 per Box
Sharpie® Fine Point Blue - sold 36 per box
Sharpie® Fine Point Black - sold 36 per box

We sell a great variety of markers from Sharpie®. Click here to browse our Sharpie® distributed products.

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