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Metal marking is our specialty. There are an enormous variety of metal marking applications that we provide pens for from standard marking to a great variety specialty marking solutions. If in doubt, give us a call to discuss your metal marking needs. All the ink formulas we have are formulated for metal marking as well.

Low Corrosive, Low Halogen, High Purity Certified Ink and Paint Marking

For specialty operations that have strict rules for what can enter the plat or worksite, we have certified markers. These pens will not adversely affect the surface being marked. Mighty Marker® High purity safely mark specialty materials such as titanium and other exotic metals without risk of corroding or forming copper salts under the mark.

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High Temperature Marking

For room temperature metals or cold rolled steel about to be brought to a high temperature (Up to 1000 degrees centegrade), we have Mighty Marker® High Temperature. When the melting points of the pigments are reached, the colors are fused to the metals and will never come off. These pens used this way are quite possibly the most permanent mark you can make from any of our product lines.

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Marks that Bleed Through Primers

For marks that are meant to remain visible after painted over, we have Bleed-thru® Markers. Structural pieces like girders and beams hidden by walls are often primed and painted after they are marked and cataloged. The high density dies used in these pens bleed through oil-based primers and water-based primers, depending on the formula. We have both. If you need assistance sealing the mark to stop bleed-thru, we can help with that too.

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Degrease and Alcohol Solvent Resistant Permanent Marking

We sell inks and paints that are capable of resisting the agressive cutting fluids and degreasing solvents used in machine part cleaning procedures. Laboratories also use them because they clean their flasks and other equipment with alcohols. Mighty Marker® DG brings back the old fashioned ketone solvent based marking pens that will take anything you can throw at it.

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Water Removable and Detergent Removable Marking

Completely removable without any ghosting whatsoever.

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Galvanizer Removable Marking

The use of a galvanizing marker in necessitated by the need to come off completely in a galvanizing bath. Metal fabricators, welders, anyone sending their metal to be galvanized needs a marker for this purpose. They go from a ph of 2 acidic, water, and electronically adhered zinc bath adhering to metal which makes the metal 50 percent harder. Our markers are removed down to the bare metal in the first bath. If a metal is not clean before galvanizing, and any additional processing needs to happen at the galvanizing plant such as grinding off marks, the line will be held up and additional charges will be incurred. A lot of money is saved by the use of our pens. Using a marker not approved by the galvanizers can be expensive. Save your grief by asking your galvanizer what markers they approve to be sent through their plant. It's likely they will recommend our pen (or a pen we make under a private label)

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General Permanent Marking

If you make tool steel, there are different heat grades. They usually mark 3 or 4 colors at the end of the bars so if you cut the car you have to remark it. You can use a permanent marker. Mighty Marker PM-16 for instance.

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