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Reliable and thorough testing and formulation that fulfills the needs of various specialty applications. These marking pens contain high-purity inks for safely marking nuclear pipes, vessels, stainless steel, and titanium. Welding operations, automotive plants, and aircraft industries can also benefit from them. The ink/ paint has been certified by an outside laboratory and will not contaminate or adversely affect the surfaces being marked. *More colors available by special request* Included in your purchase: These markers include certification paper-work, lab-report paper-work, local-law compliant labeling for shipment and storage, SDS sheets corresponding to the particular batch, and letters of compliance with the specs requested. Each marker and carton is tagged with the batch #.

Mighty Marker High Purity

Low Corrosive Requirements, Nuclear Spec

Alcohol-based Ink and Aromatic Solvent Paint

For black, use at: -20F to 130F (-29C to 130C) For all other colors, use at: -40F to 150F (-40C to 66C)

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