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Pica Markers

Innovative Marking Tools
Discover ultimate Hassle-Free Marking designed to be your go-to marking tool! Pica's innovative designs make them handy on the job.
Pica Master Set

What makes Pica a favorite marking tool?

Pica Markers are crafted in Germany with high-quality construction. The innovative designs include unique features like single-handed operation, integrated sharpener in the cap, long marking capacity, turnable nibs, and protection against dust and moisture.

Original "Deep Hole Marker" - the all-in-one marking tool. Marks on almost all kinds of surfaces.

The original removable writing nib. The "Turnable Nib" gives a second life to a dried-out nib .

The only marker with a "Telescopic Tip". The guiding tube adjusts to nib length over a range of 7 mm.

Unique "Quiver-Like-Cap" invention provides a single-hand operation because you only have two hands.

Technical ingenuity with a "Sharpener Integrated into the Cap". It's right where it's supposed to be and easy to use.

The first "Mechanical Pencil for Giant Square Leads." Built for heavy-duty jobs. Dust and moisture-resistant.

Line up your next project with innovative Pica Markers.
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