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UNI-Paint is a 100% xylene based paint marker

Specifications of Uni-Paint:

  • 100% xylene
  • 3 sizes: PX-21, PX-20, PX-30
  • Super bright colors because they use both pigments and dyes. Their formula is a Paint/Ink hybrid with the benefits of both

Disadvantages of Uni-Paint compared to Mighty Marker®

  • Expensive
  • 1/3 Less paint in the barrel compared to less costly Mighty Marker®.
  • Less sturdy construction
  • Manufactured in Japan while all Mighty Marker® pens are made in USA/

Click here to read our case for our Mighty Marker® as the best alternative for Uni Paint® Paint Markers

The Uni-Paint Brand of oil-Based Permanent Paint Markers, from Japan were th first valve-controlled markers to be sold in the US. Current owners of Arro-Mark® George and Stephanie Pappageorge were the first company to import these pens to the USA under their previous company Mark-tex. Shortly after that, Mark-tex designed and manufactured their own valve controlled marking pens which surpassed the use of Uni-Paint for Industrial use.

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