Sakura® Permanent Solid® Marker Slim

Low Temperature (Mini Push-Up Version)

Permanent Solidified Paint Marker

XSCM-T-50 • White • UPC Code: 084511-39990-7

XSCM-T-3 • Yellow • UPC Code: 084511-39986-0

XSCM-T-19 • Red • UPC Code: 084511-39987-7

XSCM-T-36 • Blue • UPC Code: 084511-39988-4

XSCM-T-49 • Black • UPC Code: 084511-39989-1



• Marks on almost any surface, dry or wet, dusty, rough or rusty

• No dripping or mess, mark upside down, sideways, any angle

• Quick-drying formula, unusually dries within 5 to 7 minutes

• Permanent when dry, Waterproof & Fade-Resistant

• Wide temperature range includes cold temperature environments

• Suitable for use Indoors or outdoors even when raining or snowing

• Fits in a pocket, or in certain loops of some tool belts

• Push up from bottom end to advance marker material using a rod, tick, pencil or tool like screwdriver

• No Hazardous material labeling or handling needed




• 10mm wide tip, can be trimmed with blade for finer marks

• Working temperature range -40° to 212°F (-40° to 100°C)

• 5 colors: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black

• Marker material can be removed from non porous surfaces using alcohol-based solvents

• non-toxic,  non-hazardous formula







Made in Japan

12 per Box

504 per Case



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