Who uses High Purity Markers?

Who uses High Purity Markers?

The specialized use of low chloride, low halogen, low corrosive, high purity markers is important. It is widely used by automotive manufacturing, metallurgical labs, aerospace industry, stainless steel marking, exotic metal marking, specialized materials marking. We sell high purity pens that meet the specifications

What kind of surfaces are they used on?

  • Specialized plastics,
  • Specialized Ceramics
  • Exotic metals and alloys
  • anywhere where the chemical makeup needs to be controlled

All the automobile companies have more than 3 metals they use the melt together to create an alloy. This integrity of this very expensive process is ensured by the use of a marker that will not corrode nor contaminate the the metals. Airplane manufacturers and the broader aerospace industry use these as well.

What certifications do we offer certificates of conformance to?

  • GE # D50TFF8-S7 "Nuclear Grade"
  • Nuclear Plant # TEC 10000028213
  • Pratt & Whitney # PWA 36700
  • Rolls Royce # EMA 56752
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron
  • Westinghouse APP-GW-Z0-602
  • Various other aerospace and nuclear grade specifications
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