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We have replacements for all the Uni-Paint® markers.

Before we dive into replacing Uni-paint®, we must examine what Uni-Paint® is in order to recommend the suitable alternative. Below, we will thoroughly examine Uni-paint® paint markers and suggest a suitable and better alternative for you. We will make the case for the Mighty Marker® brand of paint markers as a replacement for the industrial use of Uni-Paint®.

What are the characteristics of Uni-Paint®?

  • Uni-Paint® is a 100% xylene-based paint marker.
  • Uni-Paint® is made in Japan.
  • Uni-Paint®'s barrel is not completely full of paint: The PX-20 has 6ml. of paint.
  • Uni-paint® barrels are delicate and made of a very thin metal. They are suitable for artists.
  • Uni-Paint® is becoming harder to come by in the U.S.A. since Sharpie® and Newell® are no longer distributing Uni-Paint on behalf of Mitsubishi Pencil Co.
  • Uni-paint® is expensive.

Uni-Paint® comes in 3 sizes: PX-21, PX-20, PX-30. We have a suitable replacement for each size.

  • PX-20 is best replaced by the Mighty Marker® PM-16
Uni-Paint® PX-20
Mighty Marker® PM-16
  • PX-21 is best replaced by the Mighty Marker® PM-24
Uni-Paint® PX-21
Mighty Marker® PM-24
  • PX-30 is best replaced by the Mighty Marker® PM-23
Uni-Paint® PX-30
Mighty Marker® PM-23

Our case for Mighty Marker® as the best alternative to Uni-Paint®

  • Mighty Markers® are also 100% xylene based paint markers.
  • Mighty Markers® are made in the USA with comparable, if not, better quality control standards for manufacturing.
  • Mighty Markers® are filled to capacity with paint: The PM-16 has 10ml. of paint and the PM-23 has a whopping 22ml of paint.
  • Mighty Marker® barrels are thick and strong enough to withstand the demands of industrial use.
  • Mighty Marker®'s factories are here in the USA and are always churning out marking pens made to order. We keep them in stock and have wholesalers and distributors throughout the country
  • Mighty Marker® is of comparable quality, with more paint, for a better price. Ask for samples and a quote right now.

Mighty Marker® is comparable, if not, a much better option than Uni Paint®. A better product for a much better price.
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