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Are you looking to replace the Pentel® White Shorty?

Besides Uni-paint®, the Pentel® white is one of the few Japanese imported markers that still uses xylene in their formula.

Our products provide the most suitable alternatives to Pentel® White and much much more.

If it's shorty markers you're into, you have found the right company. We offer shorty versions of any of our product lines. Most of them are seen in our catalog and website but if you ask, we can make it for you.

The Pentel® White 100W Shorty is replaced by the PM-13 (Alcohol Based) or PM-05 (Xylene Based)
Mighty-X-Marker® PM-13 White Shorty (ASK FOR WHITE LABEL)
The Pentel® White 100W-L is replaced by the PM-47 (Alcohol Based) or PM-23 (Xylene Based)
Mighty Marker® PM-23 Jumbo
The Pentel® White 100W-S is replaced by the PM-09 (Alcohol Based) or PM-24 (Xylene Based)
Mighty Marker® PM-24 Fine Line
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