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We have replacements for all the discontinued Dykem® markers.

You may or may not already know, George and Stephanie Pappageorge are the former owners of Mark-tex Corp now known as Dykem® under Illinois Tool Works Inc. The entire line of Dykem® marking pen products were developed and are still sold by the current owners of Arro-Mark®. We make available any and all of the currently sold and recently discontinued Dykem® products under our Mighty Marker® Brand. We can replace every last one of them.

The best replacement for the discontinued Dykem® 33 fine line markers.

Dykem® High Purity 33 Pen
The Dykem High Purity 33 pens have been discontinued. We are the originators of this pen and it is still available, with 30 years worth of improvements, under our Mighty Marker® High Purity Line
Dykem® High Purity Alternative
Click above to see our Mighty Marker® High Purity Extra Fine MM-06: Laboratory Certified by all specs provided by the Dykem® High Purity product line....and more!
Click above to see a printable PDF containing direct item # replacements for Dykem® #33 Markers

Brite-Mark® Marker Alternative
The best alternative to Brite-Mark® Fine Paint Marker: Mighty Marker PM-92

We are the originators of the Dykem® product line: Sold to ITW in the year 2000.

Now they are, one by one, discontinuing the Dykem® marker products. This would be very bad news, however, we are still going strong with manufacturing all of them... including the 33 pen! We have and make all of the Dykem® markers and have been improving them over the last 30 years under our own Mighty Marker® brand!

We can replace any Dykem® marker product! They all used to be ours for Christ's sake!

Our product line will always be the most definitive source of Dykem® Marker alternatives.

DISCLAIMER: Dykem®, the Dykem® word-mark, Dykem® logo-mark, Brite-Mark®, "ITW", and "Illinois Tool Works" are registered trademarks of and owned by Illinois Tool Works Inc. We do not claim ownership of these intellectual properties.
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