Are you marking on raw materials like metals?

What should you think about when choosing to mark on metal?

This depends on the situation - Metal marking is our specialty.

If you make tool steel, there are different heat grades. They usually have more than one color an the end of the bars. You can use a permanent marker. Mighty Marker PM-16 for instance. In some cases you would want a removable marker. MM-008 enables all the metal to be wiped clean with water.

The use a galvanizing marker in necessitated by the need to come off completely in a galvanizing bath. They go from a ph of 2 acidic, water, and electronically zinc bath adhering to metal which makes the metal 50 percent harder. Our markers are removed down to the bare metal in the first bath. A lot of money is saved in fees incurred from marking a piece of metal to be galvanized.

Arro-Mark offers water removable, detergent removable, rolling ball metal markers, bottle markers. we have so many different markers for metal. We are metal marking company. All the ink formulas we have are formulated for metal marking as well. We make pens for marking on bare metal and painted metals, bleed thru, high temp, high purity, galvanizer.

Contact us and tell us your marking needs and we will give you the perfect pen.

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